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Corticon Server: Data Integration Guide : Getting Started with EDC : Test the rules when writing to the database

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Test the rules when writing to the database

When the rules ran, they determined the approval of treatment, as shown:
That information might have been adequate in the response. If the intent was to also persist the approval, it is not being entered into the database, as shown:
To persist to the database, choose the Ruletest's Testsheet Multiple Patients, and then choose the menu command Ruletest > Testsheet > Database Access to choose Read/Update, as shown:
Notice the red bar that decorates the database corner of the Multiple Patients tab:
That shows that it is in Read/Update mode. Now, click Run to compile and execute the rules. The output shows patient and treatment data for just the three specified patients. And the database shows that records were updated with the Approved status for only those three patients, as shown:
That's the basics of Corticon's Enterprise Data Connector. Now you can get A closer look at how Corticon relates to Datasources and the Advanced EDC Topics, or proceed to Getting Started with ADC.