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Corticon Server: Web Console Guide : User's Guide : Decision Services and Applications : Test Execution

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Test Execution
The Test Execution option lets you test your Decision Service by making a REST or SOAP request to it. When you select the Test Execution, you choose a server where the Decision Service is deployed, whether to make a REST or SOAP request, and then locate a JSON or XML file for the payload of the request.
Note: While the Decision Service name is essential for Corticon requests, this panel ignores the decisionServiceName parameter in the request as it is focused on the current Decision Service.
To execute a test against a selected deployment of the current Decision Service :
1. Click Server to select a server that has the Decision Service deployed.
2. In the Choose Request File area, click Choose File, then locate and open an XML or JSON request appropriate for the Decision Service. The Request area shows the request text.
3. Choose its Request Type.
4. Click Execute.
The request executes, and then adds the Response text, as shown: