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Corticon Server: Data Integration Guide : A closer look at how Corticon relates to Datasources : Support for catalogs and schemas

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Support for catalogs and schemas

Catalogs and schemas refer to the organization of data within relational databases. Data is contained in tables, tables are grouped into schemas, and then schemas are grouped into catalogs. The concepts of schemas and catalogs are defined in the SQL 92 standard yet are not implemented in all RDBMS brands, and, even then, not consistent in their meaning.
For example, in SQL Server, tables are grouped by owner and catalogs are called databases. In that case, a list of database names is filtered by a Catalog filter, and a list of table owners is filtered by a Schema filter. The owner of all tables is typically the database administrator, so if you do not know the actual owner name, select 'dbo' (under SQL Server or Sybase), or the actual name of the database administrator.
Note: The term schema, as used in Corticon's Import Database Metadata feature, does not refer to the 'schema objects' that the mapping tool manipulates.