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Corticon Studio: Rule Modeling Guide : Building the Vocabulary : What is a Vocabulary? : Starting from scratch

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Starting from scratch


The first step in creating a Vocabulary from scratch is to collect information about the specifics of the business problem you are trying to solve. This usually includes research into the more general business context in which the problem exists. Various resources may be available to you to help in this process, including:
*Interviews – the business users and subject matter experts themselves are often the best source of information about how business is conducted today. They may not know how the process is supposed to work, or how it could work, but in general, no one knows better how a business process or task is performed today than those who are actually performing it.
*Company policies and procedures – when they exist, written policies and procedures can be an excellent source of information about how a process is supposed to work and the rules that govern the process. Understanding the gaps between what is supposed to happen and what is actually happening can provide valuable insight into the root problems.
*Existing systems & databases – systems are usually created to address specific business needs, but needs often change faster than systems can keep up. Understanding what the systems were designed to do versus how they are actually being used often provides clues about the core problems. Also, business logic contained in these legacy systems often captures business policies and procedures (i.e., the business rules) that are not recorded anywhere else.
*Forms and reports – even in heavily automated businesses, forms and reports are often used extensively. These documents can be very useful for understanding the details of a business process. Reports also illustrate the expected output from a system, and highlight the information users require.
Analyze the chosen scenario and/or existing business rules in order to identify the relevant terms and the relationships between these terms. We refer to statements expressing the relevant terms and relationships as facts and recommend developing a Fact Model to more clearly illustrate how they fit together. We will use a simple example to show the creation of a Fact Model and its subsequent development into a Vocabulary for use in Corticon Studio.