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Corticon Server: Deploying Web Services with Java : Starting Corticon Server for Java

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Starting Corticon Server for Java

When you installed Corticon Server, it deployed into Progress Application Server during installation by pre-loading Corticon Server's axis.war file into its webapps directory:
Then, when you start the Corticon Server for the first time, it unpacks axis.war, and creates a new axis directory inside \webappsThis new folder contains the complete Corticon Server web application.
Note: If you intend to install Corticon Server on a web server other than the bundled Progress Application Server, refer to the Integration & Deployment Guide for details on using the standard axis.war package in your preferred web server.
To verify that Corticon Server is installed correctly on Progress Application Server:
1. Start Corticon Server from the Windows Start menu by choosing All Programs > Progress > Corticon 5.7 > Start Corticon Server
2. Open a Corticon Command Prompt from the Windows Start menu by choosing All Programs > Progress > Corticon 5.7 > Corticon Command Prompt
3. At the command prompt, enter testServerAxis, as shown:
4. At the Enter transaction number: prompt, enter 120, as shown:
5. The test script retrieves the names of the running Decision Services, then displays them in a list, as shown:
The list of Decision Services indicates that the Corticon Server for Java is running correctly.
Note: This tool is discussed in detail in the topic Testing the installed Corticon Server as a J2EE SOAP servlet
Note: The Start menu command to Start Corticon Server launches the script [CORTICON_HOME]\Server\bin\startServer.bat to set the Corticon environment and the Java options before starting the Progress Progress Application Server (PAS). You should never directly launch the PAS startup script or the TCMAN server action as that will skip these crucial settings.