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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Ruletests : Creating a new Ruletest : Choosing a test subject that is a deployed Decision Service : Specifying server URLs for access to test subjects

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Specifying server URLs for access to test subjects
You can add a few additional server URLs through direct input, but only a few are persisted before rolling over their list.
When you have more than a few remote servers that you want to access to use their deployed Decision Services as Ruletest test subjects, you can and edit their connection information to the Studio's properties file.
To extend the test subject's Server URL list:
1. In Studio's, add com.corticon.deployment.soapbindingurl_ lines with unique integer values and the server's URL. For this example, two .NET server applications, and three Java web services were defined in the following lines:
2. The Select Test Subject dialog's Server URL list the various host-port-context URLs you specified: 
For information about context URLs, see Creating custom context URLs on a web server