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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Decision Service versioning and effective dating : Invoking a Decision Service by date : Specifying effective timestamp in a Java API call

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Specifying effective timestamp in a Java API call
Versions of the execute() method exist that contain an extra argument for a specified Decision Service Version:

ICcRulesMessages execute(String astrDecisionServiceName,
Collection acolWorkObjs,
Date adDecisionServiceEffectiveTimestamp)

ICcRulesMessages execute(String astrDecisionServiceName,
Map amapWorkObjs,
Date adDecisionServiceEffectiveTimestamp)
*astrDecisionServiceName is the Decision Service Name String value.
*acolWorkObjs is the collection of Java Business Objects – the date payload.
*adDecisionServiceEffectiveTimestamp is the DateTime Effective Timestamp.
More information on this variant of the execute() method may be found in the JavaDoc installed in [CORTICON_JAVA_SERVER_HOME]\Server\JavaDoc\Server. See the package com.corticon.eclipse.server.core Interface ICcServer methods of modifier type ICcRuleMessages.