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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Ruletests : Ruletest window : Sorting messages

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Sorting messages
Messages posted by rules and displayed in the Rule Messages window are a useful tool for understanding and troubleshooting Rulesheet execution. Messages displayed can be sorted in the following ways:
*When the Severity header is clicked, the messages sort by severity level first (Info then Warning then Violation), then in order of generation, with earlier messages posted higher in the table.
*When the Message header is clicked, the messages sort in order or generation, with the first message generated displayed in the first row.
*When the Entity header is clicked, the messages sort in ascending order by entity name/number, then in order of generation.
When any Rule Message row is clicked, the corresponding Entity highlights in the Output panel above. This provides a convenient way of navigating among the data in a large data set, rather than vertically scrolling.