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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Invoking Corticon Server : SOAP call

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SOAP call

The structure and contents of this message are described in the Integration chapter. Once the SOAP request message has been prepared, a SOAP client must transmit the message to the Corticon Server (deployed as a Web Service) via HTTP.
If your SOAP tools have the ability to assemble a compliant request message from a WSDL you generated with the Corticon Deployment Console, then it is very likely they can also act as a SOAP client and transmit the message to a Corticon Server deployed to the Progress Application Server. The Corticon Server: Deploying Web Services for Java describes shows how to test this method of invocation with a third-party tool or application as a SOAP client.
When developing and testing SOAP messaging, it is very helpful to use some type of message interception tool (such as tcpTunnelUI or TCPTrace) that allows you to grab a copy of the request message as it leaves the client and the response message as it leaves Corticon Server. This lets you inspect the messages and ensure no unintended changes have occurred, especially on the client-side.