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Corticon Server: Deploying Web Services with .NET : Setting up Corticon Server for .NETon IIS : Testing the installed Corticon Server for .NET : Setting the Client Type

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Setting the Client Type
Corticon's SOAP stack requires certain client behavior when passing payloads to an IIS server. Changing the setting in the file enables the appropriate client type for IIS.
*Value of JAVA uses the SOAP client for a Corticon server running inside a Java container.
*Value of IIS uses the SOAP client for a Corticon server running on IIS
When this value is not set, the valueJAVA is assumed.
This setting is required in IIS projects and deployments for the following functions:
*The clients testServerAxis.bat (Java) and Corticon-Api-Remote-Test.exe (.NET) require this property set to IIS.
*Ruletest Test Subjects use this property set to IIS to enable running the test against an IIS server. Avoid having some Testsheets within a Ruletest connect to IIS while others are Java as running the full Ruletest will fail.
*Packaging and deploying a project to an IIS server requires the client type set to IIS .
To revert to using these functions againist a Java server, reset the property value to JAVA or clear the property in, and then restart Corticon.