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Corticon Studio: Rule Modeling Guide : Setting Studio properties

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Setting Studio properties

The following properties are settings you can apply to your Corticon Studio installation by adding the properties and appropriate values as lines in its file, and then restarting Studio.


Decimal scale sets the default precision for Decimal values. All Decimal values are rounded to the specified number of decimal places. Default value is 6. For example, 4.6059556 will be rounded, displayed, and/or returned as 4.605957. In the file, set the Studio Test's decimal scale:
When set to 2, the rounded value is 4.61.
Default character encoding for objects, such as Vocabulary, Rulesheet and Ruletest XML files. Examples: UTF-8, UTF-16, ISO-8859-1, US-ASCII. Default value is UTF-8.


Determines the number of rows that are added to the end of a Rulesheet section when Rulesheet > Add Rows to End is selected from the Corticon Studio menubar or popup menu. Default is 10.
Determines the number of columns that are added to the end of a Rulesheet section when Rulesheet > Add Columns to End is selected from the Corticon Studio menubar or popup menu. Default is 10.


Specifies how the Rule Messages are displayed in the Tester after execution based on the data in the columns. Options are ExecutionOrder, Severity, and Entity. Default value is ExecutionOrder.
Specifies the data format the Tester Input Tree will be converted to and sent for execution. Possible values are XML and JSON. Default value is XML.
Specifies whether String attribute values should be trimmed in the Tester Expected tree. When set to false, suppresses trimming of leading and trailing whitespaces.
Default value is true.
When testing against an IIS server, the appropriate SOAP client requires that this property be set to IIS. Default is JAVA. It is important that you avoid having some Testsheets within a Ruletest connect to IIS while others are connecting to Java as running the full Ruletest will fail.
For more information, see the topic Setting the Client Type
Sets the Studio Test's XML messaging style:Hier (hierarchical), Flat, or AutodetectDefault value is Hier.


Sets the font type and size used by the Graphic Visualizer. Default values are Helvetica-Narrow.ttc and 9, respectively.

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