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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Inside Corticon Server : Setting Server startup to auto load CDD files

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Setting Server startup to auto load CDD files

The following property can be set on your Corticon Server installation by adding the property and an appropriate value as a line in its file, and then restarting Server.
Properties related to "auto loading" CDD files into the CcServer during initialization:
Specifies whether the CcServer will try to auto load CDD files
Default value: true
The directory where the CDD files are located.
Note: This property can be changed using following method, which will override this setting.
- ICcServer.setDeploymentDescriptorDirectoryPath(String)
Note: Use forward slashes as path separator. Example: c:/Program Files/Progress/cdd
Default value: If the property value is empty, the following path is used: user.dir/cdd
where user.dir is the value of environment variable "user.dir" which in Windows and Unix returns the directory where container application was started.