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Corticon Studio: Rule Modeling Guide : Logical analysis and optimization : Testing rule scenarios in the Ruletest Expected panel : Techniques that refine rule testing : Setting selected attributes to ignore validation.

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Setting selected attributes to ignore validation.
When different values are output than what was expected, it could mean that the Expected panel data created from Output data were reflecting dynamic values such as dates and time. If your Rulesheets use now or today, the Expected values will evaluate as errors very soon. To handle that situation, you can choose to ignore validation for selected values in the Expected panel.
Consider the following example:
The selected attribute in this test has no input value and no expected value
When the test runs, it is valid.
But when the input gets a value and the output still has no value (or a different value), the test fails.
Clicking on the expected attribute, you can choose Ignore Validation.
An attribute that will be ignored is greyed out.
Running the same test, the test passes.
The setting can revert by selecting the attribute and then choosing Enable Validation.