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What's New in Corticon : What was new and changed in Corticon 5.7.1 : Settable properties described in context

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Settable properties described in context

Setting properties that change behaviors in the Corticon products are put into effect as line items in the file that is installed at the [WORK_DIR] root. For information about how that file is handled, see Configuring Corticon properties and settings
The documentation describes the properties you can set in:
Specific locations inline:
*Dynamic discovery of new or changed Decision Services
*Turning off server state persistence
*Terminating infinite loops
*Single machine configuration
*Format of output data
*Setting Server startup to auto load CDD files
*Relaxing enforcement of Custom Data Types . Also see Running a Ruletest in Corticon Studio
*Specifying server URLs for access to test subjects Also see Troubleshooting Java server and Configuring Studio to send a SOAP Message to IIS
*The Corticon Server Sandbox and The Corticon Server for .NET Sandbox
*Tracing rule execution
*XML/JSON mapping
*Using the Server Deployment Console
Several settings in the context of a feature's topic:
*Implementing Rule Execution Recording in a database
*Setting Service Contract properties and Extended service contracts
*Diagnosing runtime performance of server and Decision Services
*Configuring log files
*Setting properties in a CDD file
General settings that are listed as appropriately placed topics in the documentation:
*Setting Studio properties
*Formatting Date, Time, and DateTime properties
*Setting Server execution properties
*Setting Server build properties
*Setting Web Console server properties
*Properties that get baked into Decision Services