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Corticon Server: Data Integration Guide : Getting Started with EDC : Set the entities to store in the database

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Set the entities to store in the database

Note: Using the sample: The property values in this topic are preset as described in the sample.
In the EDC Datasource Properties section of the Vocabulary, each entity that will be mapped to a database needs to be declared, and then specify its entity identity that will set the Primary Key.
1. In the Vocabulary editor, click on each entity that will be included in the database schema, to do the following:
a. Set its Datastore Persistent property to Yes, as shown:
The entity and all its attributes now display their icon with a database decoration.
b. Set its Entity Identity - While you might consider alternative Identity strategies, typically Application Identity is used to assign an attribute as the primary key for the entity. Click the Entity Identity Property Value to open its menu, and then choose from the listed attributes, as shown:
The selected attribute is now at the top of the listed attributes and marked with an asterisk (*). That's the primary key (PK) in the database table.
You can specify a key that is a compound of two attributes by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking the attributes you want in the key.
Setting the Entity Identity but leaving Datastore Persistent set to No has no effect.