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Corticon Extensions Guide : Reviewing what is in the sample extensions : What's in the Service Callout Sample Projects : Service Callout Java and Rule Projects

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Service Callout Java and Rule Projects
The Service Callout Java Project contains a src folder with the source code for the service callouts and has on its build path the standard Java system library and CcExtensionApi.jar with the Corticon extension API:
The src folder contains the source code for four Java classes that implement service callouts:
The Service Callout Rule Project is a set of rule assets that demonstrate the Service Callout Java samples:
The project uses the service callouts and the supporting vocabulary, Rulesheet, Ruleflow, and Ruletest for the project. It also contains the JAR file of the extensions built from the Java project, sample-callouts.jar.
The Ruleflow uses three service callouts and a Rulesheet to perform its functions:
The Ruletest shows that the service callouts behave as expected:
The Service Callouts sample is accessed from the Studio's Help > Samples in the Advanced section.