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Corticon Server: Deploying Web Services with Java : Consuming a Decision Service on Java server : Path 2: Using bundled sample code to consume a Decision Service : Sending a request message to Corticon Server

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Sending a request message to Corticon Server
The Corticon Server test scripts, described in Testing the installed Corticon Server, provides commands that run sample requests.
1. Start Corticon Server.
2. Launch the script testServerAxis.bat file, located in [CORTICON_HOME]\Server\bin.
3. Enter 130.
4. Enter the full path of your test XML file. Our test XML file is sample.xml. When you press Enter the request is processed and a response is generated.
5. In the folder [CORTICON_WORK_DIR]\output, open the most recent OutputDoc file. The response from the Decision Service looks like this:
Figure 386. Corticon Response
The response message is exactly what the Corticon Server's output looks like when it is returned to the consuming application. There are several things to note in this response:
*The container attribute has been assigned a value of Oversize.
*The input data volume and weight have been returned in the response message unchanged. If your rules do not change input data, it will be returned exactly as sent.
*The Corticon Studio Ruletest assigned unique id values to our terms during the XML export. However, if the Server receives a request message without id values, it will assign them automatically to ensure resulting terms remain associated properly.
*The Messages section of the response has been populated with a posted message. Notice that the contents of the severity and text tags match those used in the rules.
*The entityReference tag in the Messages section uses an href to link or point to the associated element's id value. In this case, we see that the posted message links to (or is associated with) Cargo with id equal to Cargo_id_1. In this case, there is only one Cargo it could link to, but a production request message may contain hundreds or thousands of Cargo entities. In those cases, maintaining href association between entities and their message(s) is critical.
*The SOAP wrapper or envelope tags were added by the bundled sample code to ensure the request message was sent in accordance with web service standards.
Other details of the Corticon Server response message are described in the Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide.