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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Ruleflows

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A Ruleflow is a way of aggregating and organizing Rulesheets into a single unit of automated decision-making. It is a flow diagram depicting a set of one or more Rulesheets that have been validated using tools introduced earlier in this manual.
A Ruleflow may be assembled from as many Rulesheets as you want, provided that all the Rulesheets use the same Vocabulary file. In other words, a Ruleflow can have only one associated Vocabulary.
Following test and validation, a Ruleflow may be deployed into a production environment (described in the Server Integration & Deployment Guide). Once deployed and available to other IT systems, we refer to a Ruleflow as a Decision Service.
Important: In Corticon Studio, an individual Rulesheet may be tested using a Ruletest. But in order to deploy a Rulesheet to Corticon Server, it must be packaged as a Ruleflow. Only Ruleflows are deployable to Corticon Server where they will be invocable as Decision Services.
The Ruleflow concept, introduced in Corticon Studio 5.0, is intended to facilitate Rulesheet reuse - any Rulesheet can be included in as many Ruleflows as you want. In earlier versions of Corticon Studio, reusing a Rulesheet required cutting and pasting, or recreating it, into multiple Rule Set files.
Ruleflow files have the extension .erf.
* Creating a Ruleflow
* Ruleflow window
* Ruleflow properties
* Ruleflow preferences