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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Ruleflows : Ruleflow preferences

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Ruleflow preferences

You can set many aspects of a the Ruleflow canvas and its output.
To set Ruleflow Preferences:
1. In Studio, choose the menu item Window > Preferences.
2. Click on Viewruleflow Diagram. The global settings are available as shown:
3. Expand Viewruleflow Diagram, and then click on each of its items to expose the corresponding settings:
4. Adjust the settings to suit your needs, click Apply, and then click OK.
The next Ruleflow you create (as well as the next objects you define in an existing Ruleflow) will use your settings.
For example, if you modified and applied the Appearance preferences of Full and Line Color as follows...
...the next Rulesheet you bring onto a Ruleflow canvas would have the following look:
Note: The color preferences you set here could have the fill color overridden by the color property on the Properties of each object on the palette, as presented in Adding colors to Ruleflow objects. When an individual object's color reverts to its default value, white, the underlying preference color is used.