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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Ruleflows : Ruleflow window : Ruleflow menu commands

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Ruleflow menu commands
The following menu is available when the Ruleflow editor is the active window.
The Ruleflow menu has the following items:
*Comments - Opens the Add Comment window. When no object is selected, the comment is a file type for the entire Ruleflow. When one object on the canvas has been selected, the comment applies to that object and its type. properties window.
*Properties - Opens the Ruleflow properties window.
*Dependency graph - Generates attribute and logical dependency graphs based on selected nodes in the active Ruleflow. For more information, see Generating Ruleflow dependency graphs
*Report - Creates an HTML report and launches your browser for viewing.  See Creating a Ruleflow Report.
*Service Contract - Creates a CSV file that provides guidelines for creating a service contract for the Ruleflow. See Examples of service contract reports generated from a Ruleflow.