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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Rule Projects

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Rule Projects

In Corticon Studio, a Vocabulary, as well as any Ruleflows, Rulesheets and Ruletests associated with that Vocabulary, must be stored in a Rule Project. By default, Corticon Studio provides you with a new directory, called workspace, where you store your Projects.
Although you can create Rule Project folders linked to directories anywhere on your local file system and view them in Corticon Studio, we recommend that you use the default path provided: [CORTICON_WORK_DIR]\workspace.  When you upgrade to later versions of Progress Corticon Studio, your Rule Projects will remain and survive the upgrade process intact. Other directory locations in the file system may need to be re-linked to a Rule Project when new versions of Progress Corticon Studio are installed.
* Creating a Rule Project
* Downloading a Project from a deployed Decision Service
* The Project Explorer window
* Upgrading projects coming forward from a prior release
* Ensuring that all projects build as Corticon projects