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What's New in Corticon : What's new and changed in Corticon 5.6 : REST API to pass a Decision Service as a URL parameter

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REST API to pass a Decision Service as a URL parameter

The REST API has been enhanced to allow passing a Decision Service's name and version as parameters in GET requests, and in the payload for POST requests. This is the recommended way to pass this information.
For example, a request that would get the properties for a Decision Service ProcessOrder version 1.16, with the GET parameters shown in bold:
Evaluation of a request looks first for the URL parameter, and if that is not found, it looks for it as an HTTP header.
POST requests can include fields inside the JSON object to specify the Decision Service instead. The following example for the same Decision Service version sets these properties in the fields shown in bold:
"name" : "ProcessOrder",
"majorVersion" : "1",
"minorVersion" : "16",

"autoReload", "true"
Note: The previous method of passing the information in HTTP headers is still supported.
The REST calls in the following topics were updated with this option: REST call , and Sample JSON request and response messages .