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Corticon Server: Web Console Guide : Administrator's Guide : Resetting the administrator password

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Resetting the administrator password

If the login password of the Web Console administrative user (admin) is lost, Corticon provides a way to reset the password to the default (also admin).
To reset the administrator's password:
1. Stop the Corticon Server that is running the Web Console.
2. Select Start > All Programs > Progress > Corticon 5.7 > Corticon Command Prompt.
4. Enter pas\server\bin\startup.bat.
Corticon Server starts and resets the administrator's password.
After completing these steps, you can connect the Web Console and log in with the default administrator credentials, user admin, password admin. It is good idea to immediately replace the default password with your preferred administrator password.
This procedure applies to the application server that is installed by Corticon Server--the Progress Application Server. You can perform similar steps for other supported application servers and platforms. Consult your application server documentation for how to pass the JVM system property CORTICON_RESET_ADMIN_PASSWORD to the server.
Note: Do not set this property in startup scripts as it will reset the password on each startup. This should be only done only when the password needs to be reset. Subsequent launches of Corticon Server and the Web Console should use the normal startup procedures.