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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Invoking Corticon Server : Request/Response mode

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Request/Response mode

Regardless of which invocation method you choose to call Corticon Server, keep in mind that it, by default, acts in a request—response mode. This means that one request sent from the client to Corticon Server will result in one response sent by the Server back to the client. Multiple calls may be made by different clients simultaneously, and the Server will assign these requests to different Reactors in the pool as appropriate. As each Reactor completes its transaction, the response will be sent back to the client.
Also, the form of the response will be the same as the request: if the request is a web services call (SOAP message), then the response will be as well. If a Java application uses the execute() method to transmit a map of objects, then will also return the results in a map.