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Renaming and relocating assets in the Project Explorer

When your project becomes large, you might want to revise some of the file names, and then sort them into various folders. Within Studio, you can rename Corticon rule asset files -- Vocabularies (.ecore), Rulesheets (.ers), Ruleflows (.erf), and Ruletests (.ert) -- and folders within their project. You can also move files to other new or existing folder hierarchies in the project. The Studio refactors these changes so names and paths within the project are correspondingly adjusted in all the related rule asset files in the project.
*You relocate the project's Vocabulary to a new Vocab folder. Rulesheets, Ruletests, and Ruleflows that reference the Vocabulary are automatically updated.
*You rename a Rulesheet that is referenced in several Ruleflows. The Rulesheet and the Ruleflows that include that Rulesheet are automatically updated.
*You rename a Ruleflow that is the test subject of a Ruletest. The Ruleflow and the Ruletests that reference that Ruleflow are automatically updated.
Note: Close all files that are active in editors before attempting to change or move files in the Project Explorer. If your change impacts a file that is open in a Studio editor -- whether directly or by reference -- the Studio will close the file without saving any changes you have made since the last save action.
Note: Perform renaming and relocation changes within Corticon Studio's Project Explorer. Other techniques for file name and path changes, such as Windows Explorer or command line interface, will result in dependent file references becoming invalid.
Note: This functionality relates only to Corticon rule asset names and paths. Renaming a Vocabulary's elements -- domains, entities, attributes, and associations -- is advisable only before you create assets based on the Vocabulary.
Note: Deployment oriented files (and any other non-rule asset files) are unchanged. You might need to regenerate schema files (.xsd and .wsdl). Decision Service files (.esd) are each complete package, but Deployment Descriptor files (.cdd) files will require manual editing to update rule asset names and paths.