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Corticon Studio: Rule Modeling Guide : Rule dependency: Chaining and looping : Looping controls in Corticon Studio : Identifying loops : Removing loops

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Removing loops
If the Check for Logical Loops tool detects loops, we can take one of several corrective actions:
*If no loops are what you want, then click Rulesheet > Processing Mode and de-select whichever of the two looping options is currently selected. Once done, the Check for Logical Loops tool will no longer detect loops and the software will no longer process them.
*If loops are what you want, then take measures to ensure that none of the loops can be infinite. Normally, this means adding conditional logic to one of the looping rules to make sure that the rule can't be satisfied indefinitely. This is similar to the bounding of Condition 1 in Example of a Finite Multi-Rule Loop using a Values set of 0..20. Once Cargo.weight reaches 21, the rule's Condition will no longer be satisfied and the loop will terminate.
*If some loops are good and some are not, then remove the inter-dependencies in the unwanted loops and ensure the selected loops are not infinite.