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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Preparing Studio files for deployment : Properties that get baked into Decision Services

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Properties that get baked into Decision Services

The following properties are settings you can apply to your Corticon Server installation by adding the properties and appropriate values as lines in its file, and then restarting Server. By baked in, the setting is incorporated into the compiled Decision Service, and as such cannot be changed by resetting the value on a server where the Decision Service runs.
By default, null attributes generate a warning when on the right hand side of an assignment expression. This value will prevent warning messages from being generated when an attribute's value is null. This is useful for when an extended operator is being used to generate a value and it is possible for some parameters to be null
By default, attributes are checked against a null value to prevent further rule evaluation. This value can disable the null checks on attribute parameters used in an extension call out thereby allowing null values to be passed into an extended operator call
Specifies whether the rule engine uses Loop Container Strategy. Loop Container Strategy will create a Rule container object for rules that form a loop, just as when loops are enabled, so that when sequential rules are executed they are executed as if they are in a loop, but without looping.
Unspecified value is true.

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