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Progress OpenEdge

Vocabulary: Database Connection definition
*Database URL - Default port: 5566
*Username and Password - OpenEdge credentials.
*Catalog filter - Yes.
*Schema filter - Yes.
*Additional properties - None required.
Vocabulary: Database Access actions
*Create/Update Database Schema - Yes. Only for Vocabulary elements that were not created through a BRVD import.
*Import Enumeration Elements - Yes.
*Export Database Access Properties - Yes.
Rulesheet: Set an alias to Extend to Database - Yes.
Ruletest: Database Access options
*Read Only - Yes.
*Read/Update - Yes.
*Return All Entity Instances - Yes.
*Return Incoming/New Entity Instances Only - Yes.
Other requirements and considerations:
*Importing a file to create a Vocabulary - Import requires a .brvd file created in OpenEdge (see Progress OpenEdge documentation for details.) The import function into Corticon is described in Importing an OpenEdge Business Rules Vocabulary Definition (BRVD) file
*Startup of OE server - It is recommended that you start the OpenEdge database server with the following parameters within the Proenv window, shown here with values used in a test environment:
proserve db_name -n 65 -Mn 20 -Mpb 4 -Ma 20 -Mi 3 -S port_number
*db_name is the database name
*port_number is the port number
*Other OpenEdge parameters as described in OpenEdge Database Server parameters.