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Corticon Installation Guide : Preparing for a Corticon Installation

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Preparing for a Corticon Installation

Before running installers

To avoid possible constraints on the installers, do the following:
*Confirm that you have Administrator permissions on the target machine - Administrator rights allow the installer to copy all the Corticon files to their proper locations. You must have Administrator rights and permissions to install this software. See your system administrator to obtain these rights.
*Obtain system access -  Several Corticon features write files to the “home” directory structure. If the target machine for the Corticon installation does not have read and write access to this directory, you need to choose a directory location where Corticon will have both read and write access.
*Disable anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware protection applications - Before performing the installation, consider temporarily disabling any anti-virus and anti-spyware software that may be running on the target machine, as such software might interfere with correct installation.
*Review the supported platforms - Refer to the Progress Software web page Progress Corticon 5.7 - Supported Platforms Matrix to review the operating system versions for Corticon Server and Corticon Studio and supporting software.
* If you are evaluating Corticon...
* If you are upgrading Corticon....