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Corticon Studio: Rule Modeling Guide : Logical analysis and optimization : Precise location of problem markers in editors

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Precise location of problem markers in editors

Problems experienced in Corticon editors are easily located when you click on each annotated error line in the Problems view to open the corresponding file in its editor, then bring the specific location into view and give it the focus.
In the following illustration, the problem location is Rulesheet cell [b3598] of the 2DIM Rulesheet. Double-clicking the problem line opened the file to that precise location, as shown:
This functionality applies to Vocabularies, Rulesheets, Ruleflows, and Ruletests.
Note: When migrating projects from earlier releases, the marker metadata has not been captured. When you clear the existing problem list, and then perform a full build of the project, the location metadata that enables this feature will be established.