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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Performance and tuning guide : Optimizing pool settings for performance

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Optimizing pool settings for performance

When a Decision Service is deployed and allocation is enabled, the person responsible for deployment (typically an IT specialist) decides how many instances of the same Decision Service (Reactors) may run concurrently. This number establishes the maximum pool size for that particular Decision Service. Different Decision Services may have different pool sizes on the same Corticon Server because consumer demand for different Decision Services may vary.
Choosing how large to make the pool depends on many factors, including the incoming arrival rate of requests for a particular Decision Service, the time required to process a request, the amount of other activity on the server box and the physical resources (number and speed of CPUs, amount of physical memory) available to the server box. A maximum pool size of one (1) implies no concurrency for that Decision Service. See Multi-threading and Concurrency or the Deployment Console's pool size section for more details
The recommendations that follow are not requirements. High-performing Corticon Server deployments may be achieved with varying configurations dictated by the realities of your IT infrastructure. Our testing and field experience suggests, however, that the closer your configuration comes to these standards, the better Corticon Server performance will be.
Configuring the runtime environment revolves around a few key quantities:
*The number of CPUs in the server machine on which the Corticon Server is running.
*The number of wrappers deployed. The wrapper is the intermediary layer between the web/app server and Corticon Server, receiving all calls to Corticon Server and then forwarding the calls to the Corticon Server via the Corticon API set. The wrapper is the interface between deployment-specific details of an installation, and the fixed API set exposed by Corticon Server. A sample Servlet wrapper, axis.war, is provided as part of the default Corticon Server installation.
*The maximum pool size settings for each deployed Decision Service that has enabled allocation. These pool sizes are set in the Deployment Descriptor file (.cdd) created in the Deployment Console.