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What's New in Corticon : What was new and changed in Corticon 5.7.1 : New Query Datasource

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New Query Datasource

In version 5.7.0, one of the ADC Datasources was declared as the repository for the Query Service for ADC and Batch queries. That technique has been improved to allow a separate Datasource just for queries. Choosing Add Query Datasource, as shown...
... which opens the Query tab, as shown...
... where you can Import the Queries from the Datasource into the project, as shown:

Improved Usability of ADC Queries

In version 5.7.0, you had to type in the name of ADC queries. Now, you can choose queries from a drop down list.
In a Ruleflow that has ADC service callouts, chose one on the canvas, then, on the object's Properties tab, choose its Service Call-out sidetab, click the Service Name pulldown to select the service you want:
Choose the Runtime Properties tab. Click on the Datasource Name property to enable its pulldown that manages all the stored queries of the type you selected.
Select Query Name, and then, for its value, use its dropdown menu to select the appropriate query from the selected Query Datasource.
When you revise queries in the Query Datasource, be sure to clear and re-import the queries through their connection.