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Corticon Studio: Rule Modeling Guide : Logical analysis and optimization : Testing rule scenarios in the Ruletest Expected panel : Navigating in Ruletest Expected comparison results

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Navigating in Ruletest Expected comparison results
When reviewing the results of a test run, two navigation features help you focus your attention :
*Synchronized scrolling - When you slide the scroll tab in the Ruletest panels, the three columns do not move together, making alignment of data points difficult. You can set (or unset) synchronized scrolling of the columns by either right-clicking any of the Ruletest panels and then choosing Scroll Lock, or clicking in the Corticon Studio toolbar. Once set to synchronize, all panels will synchronize their scrolling, even advancing across collapsed entities and associations to stay synchronized on the first displayed line.
*Navigation to differences - The Ruletest window provides a set of controls that report the number of discovered differences and controls to navigate across the items. In the upper right of the Ruletest window, the following image shows that the test results have identified six differences:
The four buttons, as appropriate, take you to the first, previous, next, and last discovered difference.