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Corticon Server: Web Console Guide : User's Guide : Decision Services and Applications : Monitored Attributes

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Monitored Attributes
The Web Console lets you monitor the value distribution of one or more attributes in a deployed Decision Service. By choosing attributes to monitor, you can view the statistical breakdown of attribute values over the course of many Decision Service executions.
For example, the Ruleflow created in the Tutorial: Basic Rule Modeling in Corticon Studio reads integer values for Cargo.volume and Cargo.weight in the request, and assigns a text value to the attribute Cargo.container. To monitor these attributes, select the name in the Monitored Attribute dialog, enter comma-separated values or value ranges in the Analysis Buckets entry area, and then click Add.
When you set bucket ranges of values, you can analyze categories of data. Bucketing is useful when a wide range of numeric or date data is possible. For this example, the three buckets for Cargo.volume are 1 to 30 kilos, 31 to 99 kilos, and greater than 99.
Entering no values can be useful for string values, especially when there is a small set of values defined in a Custom Data Type (such as Cargo.container in this example), or there is small set of known values, such as risk ratings high, medium, low.
The monitored attributes in this example are listed as shown:
Click Save to enable your selections.
In this example, the integer values are examined across narrower ranges than the rules, perhaps as a study to see whether new container categories should be considered. The results of attribute monitoring are visualized as follows: