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What's New in Corticon : What's new and changed in Corticon 5.6 : Miscellany

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*Two new server properties that adjust performance in batch processing are now exposed :
For details, see Corticon Server properties
*The Corticon Studio View Rule Project Explorer has been dropped. Its functionality was identical to the Project Explorer.
*The legacy Java Server Console and its associated documentation have been dropped from the server installer. The Corticon Web Console should be used for administering Corticon Servers through a Web UI. The legacy Java Server Console and its documentation are available as a separate download. It is packaged as within the download file available on the Progress download site.
*Progress Corticon Studio downloads and installations are now only 64-bit. The 32-bit installer is no longer available.
*Management of transient memory used by Studio editor has been optimized.
*Documentation of Custom Data Types has been enhanced to clarify where labels and values are accessed and exposed.
*Documentation for Creating custom context URLs on a web server has been enhanced to describe how to specify the added context's sandbox, cdd, and logs directories.
*Documentation for the remove operator was changed to describe its behavior when applied to a collection. When you use .remove to delete elements of a collection, lower-level associated entities are removed. See Remove element
*Documentation of qualifications for database query filters was enhanced to note that a filter query that has relational operators with Boolean operands does not qualify.
*Methods previously deprecated in the Foundation API have now been dropped.