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Corticon Server: Data Integration Guide : Advanced EDC Topics : Mapping and validating EDC database metadata : Mapping EDC database relationships to Vocabulary Associations

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Mapping EDC database relationships to Vocabulary Associations
Automatic mapping of associations works substantially the same as entities. However, rather than entry text boxes and pulldowns for mappings, a more visual approach is provided. If an automatic match is made by the system, it is displayed in grey as shown:
If you want to revise the join expression, click on the Join Expression Property Name, as shown:
The Join Expression dialog box opens with a deconstruction of the join expression, as shown:
Use the pulldown lists in each column to refine the join expression. You can add lines to define complex join expressions where appropriate. As all revised join expressions are not validated, they are always displayed in black.
For more information and examples of complex joins, see Associations as join expressions