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Corticon Server: Data Integration Guide : Advanced EDC Topics : Mapping and validating EDC database metadata : Mapping EDC database fields (columns) to Vocabulary Attributes

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Mapping EDC database fields (columns) to Vocabulary Attributes
Automatic mapping of attributes works the same as entities. If an automatic match is not made by the system, then select the appropriate field name from the drop-down in field:column property, as shown:
Figure 339. Manual Mapping of Vocabulary Attribute
Note: Handling data in a CHAR database column
The database column type CHAR has a constant length. When a Corticon string attribute is mapped to such a column, the string retrieved from the database always has the length that is specified in the database definition. When a string shorter than the specified length is assigned to the attribute, the database adds spaces at the end of the string before storing it in the database. When the attribute is retrieved from the database, the value returns with the padded spaces at the end of the string.
If this is not the intended behavior, change the database type for the column from CHAR to variable-length character data type. If the database schema cannot be changed, either use a trimSpace operator to strip the trailing spaces from the returned attribute value, or redefine the query string to allow for its full length including added spaces.