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Corticon Server: Data Integration Guide : Advanced ADC Topics : Mapping ADC database metadata

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Mapping ADC database metadata

For rules in a Decision Service to read or write to a database, Vocabulary elements used in the rules must map to elements in the database. After you have imported the database metadata from an ADC Datasource, map each Vocabulary entity, attribute, and association to the appropriate table, column, and join expression.
Mapping data between a Corticon Vocabulary and an ADC relational database is not always perfect. When there are issues, you need to review the mappings to resolve incomplete or conflicting mapping data.
Smart matching will infer precisely matched table name and entities, and then seek column names that match attributes in each matched table. Join expressions are inferred from matched tables and columns.
Note: Primary Key - Each database table's primary key is not inferred as the Vocabulary's Entity Identity in each Entity. These values must be set manually.
Note: When you are using an EDC datasource, its entity identity and decorations on the vocabulary icons are not relevant to the ADC datasource. ADC adds no decorations to the icons.
* Mapping ADC database tables to Vocabulary Entities
* Mapping ADC database fields (columns) to Vocabulary Attributes
* Mapping ADC database relationships to Vocabulary Associations