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Corticon Studio: Rule Modeling Guide : Rules containing calculations and equations : Datatype compatibility and casting : Manipulating datatypes with casting operators

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Manipulating datatypes with casting operators
A special set of operators is provided in the Corticon Studio's Operator Vocabulary that allows the rule modeler to control the data types of attributes and expressions. These casting operators are described below:
Table 6. Table: Special Casting Operators
Casting Operator
Applies to data of type…
Produces data of type…
Decimal, String
Integer, String
Integer, Decimal, DateTime, Date, Time
String, Date, Time
Returning to Datatype Mismatches in Comparision Expressions, we use these casting operators to correct some of the previous problems:
Figure 136. Using Casting Operators
Casting operators have been used in Nonconditional rules N.2 and N.3 to make the data types of the LHS and RHS match. Notice however, that no casting operator exists to cast a Decimal into a Boolean data type.