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Localizing the Vocabulary

A Vocabulary can be localized into several different languages. If a Vocabulary includes multiple locale information, then Corticon Studio displays the locale corresponding to the operating system's current locale.
To localize a Vocabulary, select Vocabulary>Localize… from Corticon Studio's menubar as shown below:
Figure 268. Localize a Vocabulary
Corticon Studio displays the Vocabulary Localization window as shown below.
Notice that we've selected French in the second line of the Supported Locales pane, circled below in orange. This choice causes a second column to appear to the right in the Vocabulary pane (shown below in an orange rectangle).
Figure 269. Selecting and populating a second locale
In the French column, we must manually add French translations for each Vocabulary term, including association role names. These translated terms must be unique from the English or other base version shown in the left-hand column.
With a localized Vocabulary, now switch your operating system to French locale. Different OS's have different methods for switching locales - consult your OS help or documentation for assistance.
Figure 270. A Vocabulary displaying its French translation