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Corticon Server: Data Integration Guide : Getting Started with EDC : Load the schema and data in the database

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Load the schema and data in the database

Create the schema in the database

A Corticon EDC Datasource connection enables you to push the schema into the database. For a basic use case, this a great timesaver.
It is more often the case that a database administrator would create the schema for the persistent entities as tables and columns in the database. For the EDC sample, you need to have executed the Corticon SQL script patient for your database in your database management tool's editor.
Once the database has been setup for the Vocabulary, you need to import the metadata into Corticon Studio to complete the binding. In Corticon Studio on the Vocabulary's EDC tab, click METADATA: Import. The mapping metadata from the database is added into the Vocabulary for the Entities (tables), Attributes (columns), and Associations (join expressions). For more about mapping and possible anomalies, see Mapping and validating EDC database metadata.