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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Objects on a Ruleflow canvas : Iteration

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Iteration can be enabled for Rulesheet, Ruleflow, Branch and Subflow objects in a Ruleflow. When an object is set to iterate, it will repeatedly re-execute until the values derived by the object’s rules cease to change. Once values in the object cease changing, the iteration stops and execution continues to the next object (as determined by the Connectors).
Important: Logical loop processing options are not related to these iterative functions.

Enabling and disabling iteration

To enable iteration:
1. Click on the Iterative icon on the palette to select it.
2. Click on the object on which you want to enable iterations.
*On a Rulesheet or Ruleflow object, click anywhere in the object. The iteration icon displays in the lower section of the object:
*On a Branch or Subflow object, click on the container's title bar. An iteration section is created at the bottom of the object with the iteration icon enclosed:
To disable iteration on an object, click on the iterative icon in the object to select it, and then press the Delete key.