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Corticon Studio: Rule Modeling Guide : Writing Rules to access external data : Integrating EDC Datasource data into rule output

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Integrating EDC Datasource data into rule output

EDC introduces a new dimension to rule execution. When EDC is not used, data management during Decision Service execution is relatively straight-forward: incoming data contained in the request payload is modified by rules and the resulting updated state for all objects is returned in the response.
However, when EDC is used, data management becomes more complicated. Data in the database needs to synchronize with the data in the request payload and the data produced by Decision Service execution.
This functionality is discussed in detail in the section How data from an EDC Datasource integrates into rule output
Using several scenarios, that section describes the algorithms used by Corticon Server to perform this synchronization in a variety of read-only and read-write cases. All scenarios use the familiar Cargo.ecore, as set up and verified in Quick steps for setting up the Cargo sample.