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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Integrating Corticon Decision Services

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Integrating Corticon Decision Services

This section explains how to correctly call or consume a Decision Service. Corticon Ruleflows, once deployed to a Corticon Server, are services, a fact we emphasize by calling them Decision Services.
Services in a true Service Oriented Architecture have established ways of receiving requests and sending responses. It is important to understand and correctly implement these standard ways of sending and receiving information from Decision Services.
In this section, we will not actually make a call to a deployed Decision Service – that is discussed in Invoking Corticon Server. Instead, this section focuses on the types of calls, their components, and the tools available to help you assemble them.
* Components of a call to Corticon Server
* Service contracts: Describing the call
* Types of XML service contracts
* Passing null values in messages
* Invoking a Decision Service from a different Decision Service