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Corticon Server: Deploying Web Services with .NET : Deploying a Ruleflow to the Corticon Server for .NET : Creating and installing a .NET server Deployment Descriptor file : Installing the Deployment Descriptor file on .NET server

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Installing the Deployment Descriptor file on .NET server
Once Corticon Server for .NET has been installed and deployed on IIS, the following sequence occurs:
1. IIS server starts.
2. Corticon Server for .NET starts as a web service in IIS.
3. Corticon Server looks for Deployment Descriptor files in the <IISRoot>\axis\cdd directory.
4. Corticon Server for .NET loads into memory the Ruleflow(s) referenced by the Deployment Descriptor files, and creates Reactors for each according to their minimum pool size settings. At this stage, we say that the Ruleflows have become Decision Services because they are now callable by external applications and clients.
In order for the Corticon Server for .NET to find Deployment Descriptor files when it looks in step 3, we must ensure that the .cdd files are stored in the default location, the [CORTICON_WORK_DIR]\cdd directory. When creating .cdd files, save them to this directory so they become accessible to the deployed Corticon Server for .NET.
Note: This location is configurable, but be aware that Deployment Descriptor files usually contain paths relative to where they were created; as such, copying or moving them to a different location can make the file behave incorrectly. For more information, see the topic Packaging and deploying Decision Services .
Now, when the startup sequence reaches step 3 above, the server knows where all Ruleflows are located because .cdd files contain their pathnames.