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Corticon Installation Guide : Installing Corticon Studio

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Installing Corticon Studio

There are several techniques for installing Corticon Studio:
*Running the Corticon Studio installer wizard, the typical use, which enables a complete Corticon Studio Eclipse installation that can standalone, or be tailored into another Eclipse IDE on the same machine.
*Performing Silent Installations of Studio that generates a file from an installer wizard run to let you perform silent Studio installations on other machines.
*Installing Corticon Studio plugins into an existing Eclipse which enables scripted installation of Corticon Studio plugins into an existing Eclipse.

What Corticon Studio installers provide

The installer wizard package includes:
*Corticon Studio resources
*Eclipse Development Environment and Eclipse online documentation.
*Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
*Sample projects
*API documentation for extending Corticon
*Corticon Server runtime for use in testing rules you create in Corticon Studio

Installation options

A new Corticon Studio install lets you choose to install it standalone, or to add its plugins to an existing Eclipse 4.5 installation.
* Running the Corticon Studio installer wizard
* Performing Silent Installations of Studio
* Installing Corticon Studio plugins into an existing Eclipse
* Increasing Corticon Studio memory allocation
* Setting Studio to run in another language