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Corticon Installation Guide : Installing Corticon Studio : Installing Corticon Studio plugins into an existing Eclipse

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Installing Corticon Studio plugins into an existing Eclipse

These instructions apply when you want to install Corticon functionality into an installed 64-bit Eclipse IDE.
1. A Java Software Development Kit (JDK) is required for Corticon, not just a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). If you do not have one installed locally, download and install a 1.7 or higher 64-bit version from the Oracle Java website
Note: For the installation of the Corticon Studio plugins, you can use the JRE that Eclipse is using. In Eclipse, choose Window > Preferences, then select Java > Installed JREs.
2. Download and perform a standard installation of Corticon Studio into a clean directory on the target machine. This installation will provide the script and the required files for the integration into your target Eclipse location. 
3. In a Command Prompt window at the Corticon Studio's [CORTICON_HOME]/Studio location, check to see whether JAVA_HOME is set. If not, set JAVA_HOME to the JDK root. For example: set JAVA_HOME=c:\jdk1.7u67_64
4. Confirm that neither the installed Corticon Studio or the target Eclipse are running.
5. In the Command Prompt, run the integration script in the form:
integrateCorticon.bat –install eclipse_target
where eclipse_target is the root directory of the target Eclipse installation.
Eclipse installs its required plug-ins. 
6. To ensure that Corticon Ruletests can locate javac to compile rules, add the path of the JDK to your PATH as the default Java to use. For example:
7. Specify the Corticon work directory, the folder where you want Corticon to write its log and other temporary files. For example:
set CORTICON_WORK_DIR=c:\corticon_work_dir
8. When the script successfully completes, restart the Eclipse session, and then verify the installation by selecting the menu command Help > About Eclipse. Click Installation Details to confirm that Progress Corticon Feature is installed.
9. Open a project, and then run a Ruletest. A successful run indicates that the Java compiler is being accessed correctly.
The integrateCorticon script enables other functions:

Usage: integrateCorticon [OPTION] [TARGET_ECLIPSE]
Manage installation of Corticon plugins in an Eclipse install
-install Install Corticon plugins in TARGET_ECLIPSE
-uninstall Uninstall Corticon plugins from TARGET_ECLIPSE
-update Update Corticon plugins in TARGET_ECLIPSE
-updateParams Update Corticon plugins parameters in TARGET_ECLIPSE
-help Display this message