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Corticon Installation Guide : Installing Corticon Servers and Web Console

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Installing Corticon Servers and Web Console

This section provides information about the installation procedures for the deployment and administration components of Corticon as well as the Progress Application Server (PAS) -- a Web application server based on Apache Tomcat -- that is used by the Java Server and the Web Console.
There are several techniques for installing Corticon Server components:
*Running the Server and Web Console installer wizard, the typical use, which enables a complete Corticon Server for Java (and PAS), Corticon Server for .NET, and Corticon Web Console (and PAS).
*Performing Silent Installations that generates a file from an installer wizard run to let you perform silent installations of Server components on other machines.
*Using packages that facilitate setup of Corticon Server for Java and Corticon Web Console on supported UNIX/Linux platforms and brands of Application Servers. Refer to the Progress Software web page Progress Corticon 5.6 - Supported Platforms Matrix for the currently supported platforms and app servers. Then see the Corticon KnowledgeBase entry Corticon Server 5.X sample EAR/WAR installation for different Application Servers for detailed instructions on configuring Apache Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic on all supported platforms.
Note: The previous console implementation, Server Console, that was enabled in a Java Server installation, is packaged as within the download file available on ESD. It includes user documentation and instructions on installing it in a 5.6 Java Server installation. This legacy tool will be phased out in upcoming releases as the new Web Console replaces the legacy tool's functionality.
In this section: 
* Running the Server and Web Console installer wizard
* Performing silent installations of Server components
* Setting up and updating IIS for .NET Server
* Creating custom context URLs on a web server
* Resetting the Web Console administrator password