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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Introduction to Corticon Server deployment : Choose the deployment architecture : Installation option 3: Java services with Java object payloads

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Installation option 3: Java services with Java object payloads
In cases where it is not appropriate to send a string containing the XML payload (or receive a string back as a response) as is required by Option 2, Corticon offers an additional way to pass the payload:
*As Java objects (by reference) conforming to the JavaBeans specification. Each Java object corresponds to an entity in the Corticon Decision Service Vocabulary. Corticon Server uses introspection to identify the entity's attributes (as JavaBean properties).
This option offers the best performance, as payloads do not need transformation from objects to/from XML. That being said, it is also the least portable because it requires Java objects and a tight relationship between those objects and the Corticon Vocabulary to exist. In addition, it suffers in flexibility because changes to the Vocabulary require changes to the Java object model.
Note: External name mapping and extended attributes, as discussed below and in this Corticon product documentation, offer some help in coping with these constraints.