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Determines if <String2> is contained within <String1> and returns an Integer value equal to the beginning character position of the first occurrence of <String2> within <String1>. If <String1> does not contain <String2>, then a value of 0 (zero) is returned. This operator is similar to .contains but returns different results. A 0 result from .indexOf is equivalent to a false value returned by the .contains operator.
If <String1> contains more than one occurrence of <String2>, .indexOf returns the first character position of the first occurrence. For example: If <String1> holds the String value ‘Mississippi’ and <String2> holds the String value ‘ss’, then the .indexOf operator returns 3. The second occurrence of ‘ss’ beginning at position 6 is not identified.


The Operators row of the table in Summary Table of Vocabulary Usage Restriction applies. No special exceptions.


The following Rulesheet uses .indexOf to evaluate whether string1 includes the characters silver and assigns a value to integer1 corresponding to the beginning character position of the first occurrence.


A sample Ruletest provides string1 values for three examples. Input and Output panels are shown below. Notice sensitivity to case in example 1.